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Lorelei's ravishment and resistance fantasies, romance-novel reviews, bondage and forced role-play (fsrp).

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Force Fantasies features discussions about forced fantasies, forced-sex roleplay, FSRP, aggressive sex, sexual domination, free fantasy pics and bondage photos, stripped and ravished heroines by Lorelei.  Force Fantasies.com has been online for 15 years!


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"I'm 64 years old and a life time fan of fantasy enactment." ~ William

"Me and my wife love to play FF-roleplay games and we are always looking for new scenarios and ideas." ~ Commander Tie

"65 year old woman. I have roleplayed with a male friend for over 25 years." ~ Ladystraps

"I am a mother who is very turned on by the thought of being forced." ~ Juggernaut

"I am a big fan of forceful fantasies. Very interested in it but never experienced it yet." ~ Luvbigds

"I'm a married man and my wife and I are both very into role play." ~ Hosemaster

"I enjoy the force fantasy website and so does my wife!" ~ member Walton

"I am a female who has lots of fantasies of forced sex and males or females dominating me." ~ Tasha

"Although I do not want to anyone to be hurt, forced fantasies excite me." ~ Dennis

"My girlfriend I are into bdsm (especially her). Her favourite fantasy is being forced." ~ Mandingog

"My wife and I enjoy forceful roleplay." ~ Duemoko

"I am a 35 year old submissive who acts out many force fantasies..." ~ Michelle

"Love the fantasy, it is nice to see somebody who understands it is only a fantasy and doesn't harm anyone." ~ M.M.

"I am looking for fantasies that my wife and I can try out ourselves." ~ D.Fish


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