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~ Updates & Changes ~
History of the Force Fantasies site


4/23: ForceFantasies member area closed.  Archive photosets available at  Videos available at Forced Videos store at Clips4Sale.

4/6: Jamie Foster forced to strip outdoors (video)

4/6: Showgirl Veronica Ricci forced to strip naked  (video)

4/6: Ariella Ferrera and Ana Pierce forced to strip naked  (video)

3/23: Mary Jane Green forced to strip in the workroom (video)

3/23: "Four Bald Bad Guys" office set starring Ariella Ferrera with Guy DeSilva, Eric Holman, Mr. Fish, and Devon Savage  (video)

3/23: Billing company Verotel stopped billing-service for this paysite, without prior notice.  All memberships to expire within 30 days.

2/28: LadyCop and Waitress (Ariella and Ashley) groped, fingered & fucked by Devon Savage (video)

2/28: "The Secretary Said No" part 2, starring Ashley Renee and Guy DeSilva

2/12: Computergirl Ashley groped and vibed  (video)

1/31: "Spy vs Cheerleader" with Ariella Ferrera, Ashley Renee and Guy DeSilva


12/31:  "In Storage" with Angelica Saige and Guy DeSilva

11/30: Angelica Saige meets "The Bad Santa" Guy DeSilva

10/31: Ashley Renee is "The Bodyguard" overpowered by client Guy DeSilva

10/28: Veronica Ricci is forced to strip naked for a job  (video)

10/23: Harem-girl Dixie Comet is forced to strip naked at a costume party  (video)

10/7: Little Angel is forced to orgasm by Devon  (video)

9/30: Little Angel is "Making the Sale" with Devon Savage

8/31: "Prisoner Wants Pink" with Little Angel and Devon Savage

8/14: Kiki Daire is forced to strip for the gang leader (video)

7/31: "Two in Captivity": Ashley and Ariella on a mattress

7/30: Office secretary Ashley Renee forced to strip (video)

7/15: Cheerleader Ashley Renee's felt up (video)

6/30: "Night Nurse" Katie Summers is trapped by Devon Savage. Also 2 video clips

5/29: Two prison guards Ten Amorette & Tim Woodman (photoset & video clip)

5/14: Video Clip: Forced to Strip: Katie Summers & Devon Savage

4/26: The Vagrant: Catherine DeSade & K DeSade.  Video Clip: Forced to Come: Amber Michaels

4/15: Video Clips: Forced to Cum: Loren Chance, Deep Sleeper: Caroline Pierce & Tim Woodman

3/25: The Barmaid & the Boozer: Ariella Ferrera & Devon Savage

2/28: The Janitor: Katie Summers & Devon Savage.  Video Clips: Forced to Strip: Amber Michaels, Forced to Strip: Jamie Foster

1/31: Moments with Naz: Lexi Love & Sascha, Jessi Palmer & TJ Cummings

1/28: The Coach's Wife: Jamie Foster & Ryan Wayne


12/31: Wizard College: Ashley Renee & Devon Savage

11/30: No Kiss Goodnight: Caroline Pierce & Guy DeSilva

10/31: The Halloween Party: Mika Tan & Tim Woodman 

9/29: Casting Call: Violet, Guy DeSilva

8/30: Fake Immigration Agent: Ariella Ferrera, Ashley Renee, Devon Savage

7/30: The Interview: Chastity Lynn, Guy DeSilva, Jon Woods

6/30: The Showgirl & the Gangster: Veronica Avluv & Hans Avluv

5/31: First Date: Ashley Renee & Liam Lockran

4/28: Nabbed Neighbor: Karlie Montana & Guy DeSilva

3/31: Ski Bunny: Karlie Montana & Guy DeSilva

2/28: Natural Born Thrillers: Lexa, Ariella Ferrera, & Devon Savage

1/31: Office Quickie: Caroline Pierce & Guy DeSilva

1/25: Outtakes with Ariella, Bella, Candace, Catherine, Lorelei, Nina


12/31: Christmas set: Ariella Ferrera & Devon Savage

11/30: Set by Richard Reynolds: Lorelei & Jon Woods in the garage

10/30: Set by Richard Reynolds: Candace Daylee & Ikaras Jones

9/30: Maid Ariella Ferrera & Burglar Devon Savage

8/28: Saloon set: Nina Estes & Devon Savage

7/30: Outtakes with Catherine, Mika, Claire

7/29: City Park Perve part 2: Bella & Devon Savage

6/30: City Park Perve part 1: Bella & Devon Savage

5/29: Domestic Disturbance: Ariella Ferrera & Devon Savage

4/29: Office Burglary with Mika Tan & Tim Woodman

3/30: Hippies Catherine DeSade & K DeSade, also "Office Attire"

2/26: Claire Dames & landlord Tim Woodman

1/29: Escaped convict - Darla Crane & Rich Handsome


12/29: "The Ex-Boyfriend" - Aliana & Devon Savage

11/29: "Flirty Delivery Girl" - Claire Adams & Damon Pierce

10/31: Bed spreadeagle - Angie Savage & Devon Savage

9/30: "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Ashley Renee & Guy DeSilva at a Halloween party

8/27: "Performance Review" - Boss-lady Jewell Marceau gets it from employee Guy

7/30: "Lurker" - Darla Crane is tied to a car by Guy DeSilva

7/6: Outtakes & Bloopers with Ashley Renee, Angie Savage, Aaliyah, Darling, & Joelean

6/30: "Break-in Bonus" with Aliana Love & Devon Savage

5/28: Maid tied with Phone Cord, starring Darling & Travis

4/28: "Honey, I'm Home!" with Angie Savage & Devon Savage

3/31: "Tread Lightly" with Joelean & Reno

2/27: "The Office Blonde" with Aaliyah & Guy DeSilva

1/30: "Valentine's Day Manhandler" with Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder


12/31: "So Easy, even a Caveman could Do Her" with Darla Crane & Rich Handsome

11/27: "Not in the Mood" with Angie Savage & Devon Savage

10/26: Member update: "Office Politics" with Joelean Travis & Reno

9/27: Member update: "Deputy Damsel" with Angie Savage & Devon Savage

9/21: Member update: Outtakes of Aaliyah, Angie, Darla, Darling, Shirley

8/26: Member update: "Roughed-Up Roadworker" with Joelean Travis & Reno

7/25: Member update: "The Late Date" with Aaliyah & Guy DeSilva

6/26: Member update: Angie & Devon Savage in "Ski-Masked Man" and "The Snoop"

5/22: I heard from a fellow webmaster that yet another billing company has forbidden the words "force" and "forced" for adult websites.

5/20: Member update: "Please Don't Do This" with Darling & Ikaras Jones

4/27: Member update: "The Halloween Party" with amazon Ashley Renee, and cowboy Guy DeSilva

3/30: Member update: Guy DeSilva accosts "Boss Lady" Darla Crane
Bonus: Member story to go with "Van Snatch"

3/2: Member update (late): "Intruder Alert" with Angie Savage & Devon Savage

2/16: Member bonus: member story to go with "The Sleazy Chick"

1/29: Member update: "Van Snatch" starring Darling & Travis Masterson


12/31: Member updates: "The Ice Queen" with Xara Diaz & Ben Campezi
Shirley & Guy DeSilva in "Office Roleplay"
Outtakes & Bloopers with Anastasia, Ashley, Paige & Xara

11/29: Member update: "Revenge on the Secretary" with Anastasia Pierce & Liam

10/30: Member update - "Waitress Followed Home" with Paige Richards & Esteban

10/4: Member update (late) - "Thrift Store Predator" starring Jewell Marceau & Guy DeSilva

8/30: Member update - Ashley Renee caught by Jon Woods

8/27: Member bonus - outtakes of Anastasia, Claire & Xara

7/30: Member update - waitress Claire Adams ninja'd by Damon Pierce

6/28: Member update - Dorothy Laine and Tim Woodman in "Modeling Gig Gone Bad"

5/23: Member update - Xara Diaz and Ben Campezi are "Quarreling Co-Workers"

4/27: Member update - Liam accosts "Diner Waitress" Anastasia Pierce

4/27: Member bonus - outtakes & bloopers of Ashley, Claire, Darling, Harley & Stacy

3/3: Member stories added to match "Interrogation" and "Fear Fantasy"

2/27: Member update - Xana Star and Dax Star in "Chased & Caught"

1/31: Member update - Angella Faith and Mike Robbins in "The Martial Arts Lesson"

1/11: Member story added to match "Talk Therapy"

1/6: Member stories added to match "Bad Break-Up", "The Intruder", and "The Judge's Chambers"


12/30: Member update - Claire Adams and Damon Pierce in "An Unguarded Moment"

11/30: Member update - Stacy Burke and Guy DeSilva in "SpyChick-a-Go-Go vs Dr. Really Bad"

10/30: Member update - Lovely Darling, independent auditor, catches embezzler Blaze; then there's trouble 

10/5: Yahoo deleted the 3rd version of Force Fantasies' Yahoo Group.

9/28: Member update - Ashley Renee stars in "The Secretary Said No" with boss Guy DeSilva

9/21: Member bonus - outtakes & bloopers of Harley, Stacy & Lorelei

8/30: Member update - Xara Diaz is a maid & Ben Campezi is the intruder who ties her up in the attic

7/31: Member update - Darla Crane & Billy Glide in "Boss-Lady Lay"

7/25: Member stories added to match Anastasia's office set and Harley's chain set

6/30: Member update - Paige Richards with Esteban as "The Chauffeur"

5/31: Member bonus - Anastasia Pierce & Liam in "The Control Room"

5/30: Member update - Harley Raine & Guy DeSilva in "One Chain"

4/30: Bonus member update - Lorelei, Jon Woods & Ikaras Jones in "The Ritual"

4/26: Member update - Xana Star & Dax Star tussle "In the Hippie Van"

4/11: Member story added to match Darla Crane Security Guard set

3/30: Member update - Angella Faith & Mike Robbins debut in "The Bad Break-Up"

2/27: Member update - Stacy Burke hogtied by The Hooded Intruder (Guy DeSilva)

2/10: Member bonus - outtakes of Darla Crane, Claire Adams & Anastasia Pierce

1/29: Member update - Claire Adams & Hung Lo in "The Interrogation"


12/23: Member update - Darla Crane & Billy Glide in "The Security Guard"

11/29: Member bonus - more pics added to the "Nightclub Restroom" mini-set

11/29: Member update - Anastasia Pierce & Liam in "The Crass Co-Worker"

10/30: Member update - Darling & Blaze in "The Waitress & the Chef"

10/17: Member bonus - outtakes from the Secretary Lorelei set

10/13: Member update - outtakes from the Musketeer set with Xara Diaz

10/7: Member bonus - 3 art galleries: Bishoujo 1, Bishoujo 2, Sci-Fi Poser Story

9/30: Member update - Xara Diaz & the Musketeer.

8/31: Member update - Lorelei, Jon & Ikaras in "The Secretary, the Boss & the Repairman"

7/31: Member bonus - outtakes and bloopers of Darling, Paige and Sinnamon

7/28: Member update - Paige Richards as the Sleazy Chick

6/25: Member update - Talk Therapy with Darling and Blaze

5/27: Member update - Judge Amber Michaels

4/29: Bonus set - Anastasia in the nightclub restroom

4/28: April update - Receptionist Sinnamon and the Repairman

4/22: Member outtakes added for Bad Driver photoset

3/31: March update - Lorelei and the Bad Driver.

3/15: Member outtakes added for Paige/salesman photoset

3/2: Bonus set - Anastasia in the warehouse.

2/28: February update - Paige Richards and the salesman.

2/21: Member story added to match Plumber photoset

2/20: Last group of CCBill memberships cancelled.

1/31: January update - Amber Michaels and the plumber.

1/27:  Member story added to Shade Paine photoset 

1/11: Artemis ducttape outtakes added

1/9: Member story added to match Mighty Mercy photoset 


12/31: December update - Artemis Antone duct-tape set

12/21: Bloopers & outtakes from Anastasia's shoot.

12/14: Member story added to match Anastasia/Santa photoset.

11/29: November update - Anastasia and Santa-burglar.  Story added to match Lorelei & Secret Agent photoset.

11/14: Added outtakes for "Bride of the Revolutionary".

11/4: Added member story to match Anastasia Pierce's "College Cheerleader" photo-set.

10/30: October update - Lorelei & boyfriend Jon Woods in "Bride of the Revolutionary".

10/20: New Verotel billing system working

10/2: Added member story to match Amber's "Quickie Invasion".

*9/30: September update - Paige Richards & Esteban in "Bowled Over".

*8/30: August update - Anastasia Pierce & Liam in "Co-ed Cheerleader". 

7/31: July update - Dorothy Laine & Evan Stone in "Highwayman".  Added member story to match "Lennie's Crush".

7/7: Added member story to match Dorothy harem set.

*6/29: June update - Lana Blake & the Tank in "Full Body Workout".  Added member story to match 

bride set.

*5/28: May update - Amber Michaels & the gardener

5/24: Removed "open book" motif from homepage, redesigned homepage with Darla teacher photo

*4/28: April bonus - Harem virgin Lena set

*4/23: April update - Goldie Blair fear-compliance set

*3/30: March update - Real estate agent Lorelei set

*3/4: February bonus - Silver Sin, supervillainess set

*2/28: February update - Nurse Darla set 

*1/30: January bonus - Superheroine Mercy set

*1/28: January update - Gloria Reyes oriental set


*12/30: December photo update - Lillith White & the bride's ex-boyfriend.

11/30: Added member story to match Darla Crane's professor set.

*11/28: November photo update - Sinnamon Love & the musician.

11/14: Added member story to match Dorothy's Full Physical.

10/29: October bonus set - Amber Michaels in Quickie Invasion.

10/23: October photo update - Sabrina Cox & the Pharaoh.

9/30: September photo updates - *Lana Blake & The Tank, also Catalina L'Amour & the Outlaw.  Added member story to match Lena & The Professor photo-set.

*8/31: August photo update - Dorothy Laine's physical.  Added member story to match Charlie's Burglar photo-set.

8/10: Added member story to match Marlena's pizza-man photo-set.

*7/31: July photo update - Charlie Sierra and the Burglar.  Added 3 member stories to match Ashley, Gloria and Lillith photo-sets.

7/9: Added 4 member stories to match Goldie, Gina and Amber photo-sets.

*6/28: June bonus update - Shade Paine is ravished by a drug dealer.

*6/27: June update - Mercy Donner as a Mail-Order Sex Slave.

5/29: May bonus update - Catalina L'Amour's first force pics.

*5/23: May update - Goldie Blair Security Breach.

*4/21: April update - Amber Michaels Tickled & Taken.

4/1:  Re-opened membership as a monthly recurring service.  Site re-foldered and slightly re-designed.  New sets debuting:  *Darla Crane as the professor, *Gloria Reyes as the french maid.

1/5:  Cleaned up dead links, adjusted page layouts, etc., in preparation of re-opening the member section later in year.


7/15:  Added Dialogues feature and an album of Future Fantasy photos.

2/28:  Member albums officially closed.  Member album accesses all expired.  Someday in the future hoped to re-post my complete photo-fantasies. 

1/15:  Removed any racy free pics from the site, deleted order form in preparation of removing the member albums.


9/12: Added link to the Force Fantasies Yahoo Club [Yahoo deleted this group later on, but it had a good run].  Widened the homepage "book" to 620 pixels.

8/22: Album 2 debuted.
Album 2 consisted of:
* Dream Date - Darla Crane, Evan Stone
* Hippie Girl - Lillith White, Leif White
Ashley's Superior - Ashley Renee, Ernest Greene
* Nurse Charlie's House Call - Charlie Sierra, Jonathan Simms
French Maid - Gina Rome, Claudio
Lena & the Professor - Lena Ramon, Mike Foucault
Catalina's Co-Worker - Catalina L'Amour, Dorian L'Amour
* Secret Agent Man - Lorelei, Jon Woods

8/21: Added pirate-and-wench drawing to stories page.

8/16: Moved article about my formative experiences from BB site to here.

7/9: Second Album finally finished (whew!), notified CCBill to have them get the password system ready.

5/17: Added pay-by-online-check option to order section.

4/17: Added "Real Life Roleplay: Abducted Lady Executive" by Eroticus.

4/10: Added "Hospitality," illustrated story by Kat.

3/31: Added "The Groom's Revenge" by Eroticus, added Kat's illustration to "Seek to Conquer".

2/14: Album 1 debuted, open for memberships.
Album 1 consisted of:
*Unwilling Wench - Lillith White, Leif White
* The Pizza-Man's Tip - Marlena, Owain
* Harem Slave - Dorothy Laine, Tim Woodman
Bad Boss - Gina Rome, Claudio
* Intrigue - Cathryn Beaumont, Jon Woods
The Biker - Lorelei, Jon Woods
Surprised & Shaved - Bobbie Tawse, William

2/2: Added pirate illustration by Brian Tarsis.


12/10: Force Fantasies debuted as a free site.


7/28: Registered the domain.  Gathered and created material in preparation to open site.


* = photoset available not only in the ForceFantasies member area, but also pay-per-set at ForcedFantasies and ClipsPool