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Over the years I've applied for billing services from many different companies.  Most looked at my material, said it was fine, set up billing for me, and then two or three years later would suddenly cancel my service, claiming that they hadn't known what I was doing.  Riiiight....

I went from having billing through merchant accounts, to having billing through USA third-party services, to having overseas third-party billing, to having limited billing through Amsterdam, to finally having zero billing companies that were willing to service my paysite.  That's why I can't offer a membership paysite any more.  :(   The billing companies claim that Visa and Mastercard aren't keen on having people buy force-fantasy materials with their credit card systems.

However!  YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT FORCE FANTASIES via various single-purchase shopping options:

*One month of access to a partial selection of my Force Fantasies photo archives, courtesy of Shopmaker (thank you Shopmaker!)  Please note the archives are called "Bondage Girlfriend" even though they're all the old Force photosets.

*One month of streaming access to my Forced To Strip theater, which also has many force-bondage videos and tons of video-slideshows made out of the forced-sex photosets I used to have here at this site

*Individual force fetish clips available at DarkSide Clips  (thank you DarkSide!)

*Individual forced-to-strip clips, forced-bondage clips, and slideshow videos at Clips4Sale.

Thank you for visiting!

--Lorelei :)


"Your site is the best. You are the only one that combines bondage with force sex in a tasteful and artful way." ~ Bookman

"I'm into bondage and force fantasies with my boyfriend. I love Lorelei's work. She is the best at capturing the essence of a fantasy on being forced and loving the bondage and sex." ~ Rachel

"Thank you very much for your wonderful site. I'm very glad the sex is simulated, keeping everything in the fantasy realm, because I think my wife will like these fantasies very much, opening her up to the idea of role-play." ~ Tom

"I love the fantasy of forced sex. And many of the women on your site really know how to play the fantasy well." ~ Brian

"What can I say but Lorelei puts out some of the best stuff on the Web." ~ Stebon

"I love all of Lorelei's work and especially her force fantasies.  It's the kind of play my partner and I have when I'm 'all tied up' and can't do anything else." ~ Jennifer

"Because you use really nice clothes in relatively believeable situations, you create the best pics I've seen." ~ Jahdoit

"I'm interested in fantasy roleplay and narrative. I've been a member of Lorelei's sites in the past and know they are high quality." ~ Takoma

"I am very interested in this site as I love the glamour and extreme femininity and vulnerability shown in the scenes. This appeals to my masculinity. Also all the girls are very beautiful and sexy." ~ Koogar

"Kudos on a great site. Love the quality of the photography and the treatment of the material without unnecessary raunchiness. It's very classy, not cheap in any way. My wife and I are enjoying the material, and getting ideas for our own experiences." ~ Ray

"I have the biggest fantasies over these images and site... it's better than anything else I have seen." ~ XLoco

"I recently joined your site again -- my current girlfriend loves it!  She's used to dominating in past relationships, but now can't wait to start roleplaying with me. Your site has always added a touch of class to the subject of forced fantasies." ~ Mike

"To me, Force Fantasies is the best bondage site. The various role play, the different restraints, and most of all the hot girls make it my favorite bondage site on the web." ~ Xoolou

"I signed up for this paysite run by Lorelei.  It has a lot of photo series of gorgeous women in different scenarios being molested.  The sex is simulated, so you are not seeing actual penetration, but you are seeing pics of lovely women (and I do mean lovely), being tied up, manhandled, groped, and taken.  And the models make really sexy expressions in the photos.  I discovered that the coolest photos of the set tend to be the last...when the man leaves and the victim is left pondering the humiliation in the aftermath.  (I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it).  THIS SITE ALMOST MADE ME LATE FOR WORK THIS MORNING!!!  And I'm a pretty dependable guy, so the photos must be HOT!!" ~ Doc

(These comments were from forums and emails.)

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