Force Fantasies Fiction

~ Seek to Conquer ~
By Kat


At the end of the general meeting Tuesday morning, Comrade Soletsky made the following speech:

“With the gendarme situation and the fact that men so outnumber women here, several of the comrades have volunteered to act as escorts to the comradesses. I can assure you that these comrades will behave with propriety. Their only function here is to see the comradesses to meetings and back to their cabins (especially at night). Anyone interested, please see me.”

Not alone in her sentiments, Alia was a little frightened of Comrade Soletsky. He was so single-minded and passionate about issues. However, she was more afraid of the circumstances in which she now found herself, alone and surrounded by so many men.

She overcame her trepidation and requested the escort. Soletsky asked general questions about her schedule and possible requirements, then said her escort would be on her doorstep at 7:45 to escort her to that night’s meeting. She thanked him and left the meeting. It was all very impersonal.

* * *

At 7:45 p.m. sharp, Alia answered the door to find Soletsky himself on the step.

“Comradess Alexyevna, are you ready?”

Unable to hide her surprise and after a slight pause, Alia replied, “Yes, thank you, Comrade Soletsky.”

And so began a polite relationship. Soletsky was a complete gentleman, and to her surprise, quite charming. After about two weeks of these nightly excursions, Alia herself decided to personalize things. When Soletsky walked her home that night, she asked him in for tea, which he accepted. Without skipping a beat, he brought in a cord of wood and started a fire in the stove. They removed their gloves, and coats, and he helped her to prepare the tea. They sat across from each other at her little table with cups in hand.

“Thank you for inviting me to tea, Comradess Alexyevna.”

“You’re welcome, but won’t you call me Alia?” she said.

“I will if you’ll call me Jasek,” he replied smilingly.

And with that, they both dropped all formality of speech, but their conversation remained somewhat impersonal.

Alia asked him if he took exercise. He told her he liked to walk each morning. She asked if it would be an imposition for her to accompany him.

“Of course not,” he replied. But then, he made her feel that nothing she might ask of him was an imposition.

* * *

After two months of regular 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. walks, Alia imposed upon Jasek further. One of the comradesses (Petrovna) was receiving unwanted advances from Comrade Petrovitch. Would Jasek talk to him?

“Of course,” he replied.

However, Jasek felt that conversation with Petrovitch was not what was needed. Jasek sought him out, punched him in the gut and said “Leave off Petrovna. This is the only warning you’ll get.”

On the way back from their walk a few days later, Alia remarked that Petrovna had experienced complete relief from certain unpleasant occurrences. She asked Jasek what he said to Petrovitch.

He said softly and hesitantly, “I told him that a man should always take a woman’s lead where… romance is concerned. He should be… patient, gentle and… subtle in his pursuit of love… He should discontinue his attentions if they are unwanted... If a woman is interested in a man, she will give indications of it. Then and only then should he… seek to conquer.” This last he said with a smile.

She didn’t mention that it was all over camp what had really taken place between Soletsky and Petrovitch, nor that she thought Petrovitch had gotten what he so richly deserved. The unprecedented intimate nature of his disclosure took her off-guard, and her cheeks began to burn. She turned away to cover her embarrassment. When she had recovered her composure, she turned back round and said, “These are very fine sentiments, Jasek. The woman you choose to love would be wise to reciprocate for you are an uncommon man.”

“Thank you, Alia,” he said.

But his eyes seemed to say, “You have understood me. I want you.”

She hesitated and with eyes downcast, she said, “Tell me, Jasek, how would a woman make her feelings known to a man… if she were very shy and inexperienced?”

“Telling him as much would be a start,” he responded, “Now you tell me, do you think such a woman would let her sweetheart kiss her?”

She looked at his smiling face, smiled also, and said shyly, “I think she would want him to.”

He walked slowly toward her, put one hand on her waist and lifted her chin with his other hand. For the first time, she looked into his eyes. They were a very lovely green. His expression was one of greatest tenderness. As his face neared hers, she closed her eyes. He barely brushed his lips against hers, then pulled her to him, so that her face rested against his chest.

* * *

He had watched her long before ever speaking with her, before becoming her “escort,” as it were. He had to laugh at that term. In a sense, he was protecting her, but only from other men. He had become fiercely jealous of her but also solicitous of her safety.

He had troubling fantasies about catching her alone and having his way with her. Now they were taking walks together to isolated places, and he knew he could realize his fantasies. Somehow, he always restrained himself, acting the gentleman. He told himself he would never act on his inclinations. After all, he had rejected many opportunities in the past. But he knew he was only waiting for the perfect moment. And she seemed entirely ignorant of his intentions.

He didn’t want to hurt her. In fact, he wanted to please her, but he knew she was so shy he might never win her through patience and classical courtship. And he loved the idea of completely controlling her body, her will.

His fantasies involved overpowering her, tying her up and then making love to her. In these fantasies there was no pain for her. Once she was restrained, he would treat her with tenderness and do the sort of things he knew she would like. He would give her the most intense pleasure before using her body for his own pleasure. And always, at the end of these imaginings, she would love him and be grateful for his dominance… and he would know her passionate side.

At times, he wondered if he were insane. Or was it normal for a man to want to completely control a woman sexually?

It was becoming more and more difficult to talk himself out of taking advantage of the arising opportunities. The day before, they had had an extremely interesting conversation, resulting in his kissing her. He had fought the urge to take what he wanted then. It hadn’t been easy. He was touching her for the first time, kissing her. It was a dream for him. The softness of her lips, her scent, her beauty… so close.

Now, as they walked into the wilderness, off the beaten path, once again, he was thinking about acting out his fantasies. He walked beside and slightly behind her. She didn’t seem to recognize the predatory look on his face, for she turned and smiled at him. It was warmer today, he thought. She would not be cold once disrobed.

They stopped suddenly at the sight of two deer mating. She looked away in modesty, but he took her arm and turned her back round. She looked at him questioningly, then back at the deer. He moved behind her and put his hands on her waist. To his surprise, she guided his hands upward to her breasts. This was all the encouragement he needed.

He knelt, pulling her down beside him. He kissed her full mouth very gently at first, but then more and more passionately. When he began unhooking her bodice, she seemed to have second thoughts, but he didn’t stop. She tried to stand up, but he pushed her down and straddled her. He pinned her hands above her head. She was frightened now. He kept kissing her between her protestations.

“Jasek… please stop… please… I’m not… ready… Jasek!”

He did stop kissing her, long enough to tell her how it would be.

“I think you’ve known all along that I wanted you. Well, I won’t wait anymore. I won’t hurt you, but I’ll have you whether you cooperate or not. Perhaps you thought to tease me forever?” he said, his voice thick with passion mixed with anger.

She began to cry.

“There, there,” he said, genuinely sympathetic. “I’ll be very gentle with you, Angel.” She was unconvinced, especially with her hands pinned back.

With her fighting and trying to get away, he managed to remove her bodice and begin to unstring her corset. Her fighting was so ineffectual, he wondered if she were playing a game. However, she did manage to squirm away from him. He almost felt sorry for her as she stumbled on her skirt trying to get up. He gave her a head start, then chased and caught her.

Her corset was half-way unlaced. He grabbed the laces and with them, he pulled her down to the ground again. Her breasts bounced with the violence of these movements. He pushed her back rudely. She seemed too afraid or tired to fight him now. She whimpered as he loosened and removed her skirt. He laid it out beside her, lifted her and laid her on it. He removed his jacket, shirt and pants.

He was clothed only in his long johns, which he pulled down to his waist. He finished removing her clothes, so that she was completely naked. All the while, she was mewling and whimpering, which only intensified his excitement.

He paused to admire her body, which was the sort men dream of. Her Arabic ancestry was apparent from the duskiness of her skin. Her waist and limbs were thin and delicate. She was pleasantly round at the hips. And he had never seen such beautiful breasts. They were large and firm. Her nipples were large and erect. He began to fondle and suck them.

Apparently recovered, she began to struggle again. He decided he would restrain her now. He tied her hands with the laces from her corset. Then he thought better of it and untied her hands. She looked hopeful, even grateful, but not for long.

He tore her slip into two pieces and rolled her onto her belly. Lifting her by the waist, he pushed her into a fetal position. He then retied each hand to an ankle, using the pieces of slip to cushion the laces, and eased her onto her back.

He hated treating her this way, but once she was tied, there would be no need to be rough. Her eyes were filled with fear. Now that she was entirely vulnerable, she began to beg him to let her go.

He smiled at her and whispered, “I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, Alia... and I don’t want to. I’ll be gentle with you, but I won’t let you go until you’re completely mine.”

She wept as his hands roamed her body. He was a little ashamed that her fearful expression excited him, but not ashamed enough to stop. He lowered himself between her legs, pushing his hard penis against her vulva, the cloth of his long johns her only defense and his only obstacle.

She cried out, and he decided that even in that remote location, he was taking a risk. He gagged her with her camisole. He now felt completely free to do whatever he wanted with her.

He took his time, caressing and kissing her body knowingly. Then he lavished attention exclusively on her exquisite breasts. He splayed and held his fingers rigid as he strummed her nipples. Her whimpers became louder, and he smiled again.

With his mouth pressed against her ear, he asked, “You like that, don’t you?”

She shook her head violently, but he knew better. He continued very gently in this pursuit.

“Mmm,” he said repeatedly, as if enjoying an excellent meal.

He firmly cupped one breast in each hand, kissing and licking them alternately. He squeezed them together in such a way that he could lick both nipples at the same time. “Mmmmmmm.” He jabbed at them with his tongue.

Then he focused on her lovely vulva. He inserted the tips of his thumb, forefinger and index finger inside her to gauge her elasticity. Satisfied that she could accommodate him comfortably, he began sucking and prodding her clitoris. All the while, he squeezed her nipples. Again, “Mmmmmm.”

She purred beneath him, unable to resist, both physically and emotionally. He paused several times, teasing her and elevating her excitement. Her mewlings grew in volume and repetition. This was all deeply satisfying to him. He wouldn’t waste this opportunity.

He brought her to sharp and lingering pleasure with his tongue while stroking her breasts with his hands. He paused while she recovered, then he leveled his pubis with hers. He removed his long johns and stroked her moist vulva with his penis. Her eyes grew very large. She seemed more frightened now, rather than less. This was the part she probably wanted least… and perhaps most, he thought. He would be careful. The next time, she would long for it with no reservations.

Separating her labia minora with his fingers, he placed the head of his penis against the rim of her vagina. With minor resistance, he entered her sweet body, and paused to gauge her reaction. She winced, her eyes were closed.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

Completely vanquished, she shook her head. He knew she wanted him now. He removed her gag and began to move inside her slowly. They both moaned in ecstasy. He withdrew from her long enough to untie her. Then she hugged his thighs with hers as he reentered and rode her more forcefully. He supported himself on one arm and squeezed an undulating breast with his other hand. She writhed beneath him, her lips trembling. He slowed his thrusts and lowered himself to kiss her.

Her little passage clutched his penis as he pushed deeper inside her. No longer helpless, she pulled him toward her with her legs. Soon, with her encouragement, he was pounding her soft, wet inlet with all his might. His body contacted hers, again and again, stimulating her clitoris.

Her murmurs became louder. In the throes of her delight, her vaginal muscles began to spasm, clamping down on his member. The friction was intense and he continued to move inside her against the constriction until he exploded with pleasure. Every muscle tightened as he thrusted violently to ejaculation. He growled. She released him and he withdrew his penis from her.

“Now you’re mine,” he said as he kissed her face again and again.

She clung to him assenting to what he said. “Yes, I’m yours… yes… yes.”

They lay there for some time in each others’ arms. Soon, she filled his senses again, and he filled her in his own way as well.




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