Force Fantasies Fiction

~ The Gardener ~
By Kain


Lady Beatrice began her leisurely morning walk at about the same leisurely time she did every morning. Her long, flowing dress barely skirted the well maintained grounds about her fanciful mansion. Her husband, Lord Albert was away tending to his business. That business was what allowed her to live in such luxury, however it sadly kept her husband away for much of the year.

The Lady smiled as her feet crushed the fine grass lawn under them. She longed for him, Lord Albert, so in these early mornings when she walked. When Lord Albert and she had been courting, he had made it a point to always take these morning walks with her. He had always exclaimed how he loved to watch her flowing red hair as they walked, but she knew Albert truly spent most of his time fixated on her ample bosom.

And then she spotted him, Wesley the groundskeeper. He was a strapping lad, with rugged features that betrayed his innocent and true heart. He had been nothing more than a scamp and a vagrant when they had taken him on so long ago, and now he had grown to the very picture of a fine young man. His tan body and finely honed muscles were the envy of all of the ladies of society, who frequently visited simply to watch the tan young man perform, for hours on end.

Beatrice found herself watching Wesley longingly, she missed her husband and the unique virtues that a man could provide. She longed for him terribly, for he was gone so often, and he had not 'visited' her at all during his last visit. Involuntarily her hand slowly dropped down until she felt the unrelated moisture being summoned forth from the secret place between her legs. A slight moan escaped her lips, but not young Wesley's ears.

"Problem, missus," he stated, watching her from afar, his eyes seemed to go right through her.

'No,' she thought, 'he's seen me!'

The very idea of Wesley watching her as she touched herself in only the place her husband had excited her, terribly. She backed up several paces. Wesley looked confused for a moment, and then stood up and began walking towards her.

Lady Beatrice's eyes opened wide, Wesley was coming towards her, 'what would he do,' she wondered while all the time she continued to creep backwards further and further until she finally reached the door to the barn. Suddenly trapped she prepared for the worst, all the while Wesley continued forward dutifully.

With one powerful motion, and a strength that would have matched an oxen, his arm pulled open the Lady's barn door. Her fears calmed momentarily, until she realized that he must want her inside and out of sight in order to perform some perversion on her. Beatrice, a sinless girl, had only been with her husband and was a virgin until her wedding night. Lord Albert had shown her the ropes quite elegantly, with his proud little soldier leading the charge. The thought made her body flush, and she continued to creep backwards.

Wesley watched her as a starving man might watch a exquisitely prepared steak dinner. In her mind she could already see Wesley tearing off her clothing and forcing her to do any number of unspeakable acts. Lord Albert, her true beloved, was a very tame man in bed, always on top, and always in less than a minute. But Lady Beatrice had heard stories from her society friends of all sorts of terrible misdeeds where a man would put his manhood in all over and expect the woman to like it. She trembled and continued to creep backwards all the more quickly.

Finally the ruffle of her dress met with the stained and filthy back wall of the barn. And directly in front of Lady Beatrice stood Wesley, with those dark blue eyes piercing into her very soul. She could take it no longer, his powerful muscles coated with sweat made him look like some pagan god and she would have to worship him or pay the consequences.

She dropped to her knees, and finally he stopped his waist but a few inches away from her face. Her eyes went wide again, could he possibly want her too? No, she dismissed the idea out of thought but as she looked up she saw his beautiful face now positively annoyed with her. She bit her lower lip and decided that this is what she would have to do.

"Missus," he began, betraying his attitude with her, and she knew what she had to do.

She found her hands quite uncontrollably reaching for his belt and when they had found it, her hands quite uncontrollably removed it. Wesley's pants, being only supported by that thin line of leather, fell quickly to the ground exposing his member underneath. His body reeked of sweat, particularly here where the air was not free to evaporate it away, however that did not deter Lady Beatrice.

Opening her mouth she slowly placed the head of his penis to it; his eyes flared with a newfound purpose as he watched her. Her face blushed, imagine her, a noblewoman servicing some gardener in her own barn, in such an ungodly way. But she still slid in his length.

Fortunately Wesley's length seemed to be slighter than her husband's, and softer as well. She slowly began to take his penis' head and ran her tongue around it. The sweat tasted great, causing her own nether regions to overflow with the dew of her desire. But then it happened, his penis began to swell growing larger and larger as she continued to hold it in her mouth. Before long it threatened to choke her and she withdrew its terrible length from her mouth.

"What'chu doing," stated Wesley, his voice now betrayed his complete anger. Terrified she rammed the entire length back into her mouth, sucking at it noisily as she felt her bowels freeze. If he laid one hand on her it was over, she would be completely trapped and unable to escape his tremendous strength. Though in truth she did not mind his manhood in her mouth nearly as much as she might have thought. He continued to moan loudly as she sucked, until finally she felt his member twitch in an unfamiliar way.

Then a spurt of milky cream hit the back of her throat. Lady Beatrice pulled her head off of the spurting beast instantly, as shot after shot of his cum blasted against her head and chest. However, just as she was beginning to recover, Wesley's powerful hand took her by the hair and thrust her face back on top of his throbbing pole. Spurt after spurt of his cum filled her mouth and throat as she was forced to swallow to prevent herself from choking.

After he was finished he collapsed, his backside landing in a small pile of hay that sometimes served as he bed. Lady Beatrice coughed several times, trying to clear her lungs in order to breathe. What had she done, her a noble lady and he a farm hand? He had made her though, that was her only consolation.

But as Wesley lay there, his cock profanely pointing straight up despite its recent ejaculation, suddenly Lady Beatrice knew she was not done yet. Wesley's head rose and he stared at her for a moment with a questioning look in his eye. Sadly realizing her duties to him were yet to be complete Beatrice slowly rose and removed her cum soaked dress. Her ample bosom now freed of its constraints, and that damned girdle, she eyed his cock with apprehension. She waited for him to stand and take her, but the look remained, and she knew what it meant.

Slowly she moved into position, lowering herself on top of his rigid pole. Her whole body trembled as she did so, the head of his massive cock poised at the entrance to her womanhood. Finally she slid it into her quivering member. As she lowered herself more and more she realized that there was so much of him. Albert was tiny compared to this farmhand, perhaps half of his size and her quivering cunt realized that instantly. She continued to slide his length further and further into her, waiting for the moment when his entire length would finally be inside of her.

And finally after what seemed like hours it was, her body wracked with an unquestionably pleasurable sensation. She had heard of those before, but had never experienced one herself. Wesley's powerful hands reached over grasping at her hips and lifting her high over his waist. However as the sensation continued to expand and grow more powerful, Beatrice's squirmings were enough to cost him his grip and she suddenly drove his entire length back into her waiting cunt. Another wave of pleasure flushed through her like none she had ever experienced before. It was a tremendous sensation, she thought as she began to mimic those rising and falling motions she had experienced just moments ago.

Wesley's own moans continued to grow more rapidly as she began to increase her own tempo. She rose till the head of his penis was at the entrance to her womanhood and then dropped down onto it even more rapidly. The pleasure would not stop, and would never stop as long as she maintained this constant thrusting. Beatrice screamed in ecstasy again and again as she continued to work his tool into her faster and faster until finally Wesley released a tremendous moan and suddenly fell still.

Beatrice worked herself free a few moments later, a soiled woman. Wesley arose a few moments later, standing and readjusting his belt to his pants. Looking to her, and then the wall, and to her again, Wesley spoke, "Missus, will you help me out again next time I need a rake?"

And with that he grabbed the tool and wandered back out to maintain the grounds.




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