Force Fantasies Fiction

~ The Silent Intruder ~
By Bound Bill


The silence of the house allowed the whistling of the cool night wind to waft throughout the expanses of the interior. Upstairs, the faint sound of the warm spray of the shower overpowered the wind's note for the lady of the house.

Sherry lived alone in this huge Tudor since winning it from her philandering industrialist ex. She enjoyed its grandeur and was very much at home and peace nestled into the recesses of her own forest. Privacy was paramount as Sherry enjoyed the solitude as well as throwing wild parties and entertaining very special gentleman guests.

At only 32, the divorce had been very difficult to take, and now Sherry was making the most of it. She had the means to explore any endeavor and indulge any whim. She was quite the lady about town and had many interests including skydiving, sailing, scuba diving, and both water and snow skiing which she worked around her daily rituals of her tennis lesson and a vigorous workout and massage at the spa.

Sherry was also a stunning example of woman. Her bronzed and toned 5 foot 8 inch frame was set off beautifully by her long blonde hair. Sherry was any man's dream and had suitors coming out of the hand-carved woodwork. She was playing the field like a concert virtuoso and left a trail of broken hearts in her wake. Sherry wasn't cruel; she just wasn't about to get involved in another serious relationship any time soon.

Bill was typical of those poor souls who had a taste of Sherry and was forever altered by the experience. Like the others, he had begged her for more in their relationship which only hastened the end. And like the others, it wasn't easy for Sherry to shut Bill out because he was a truly handsome and wonderful man.

Sherry was oblivious to Bill and everything else, as she stood motionless, luxuriating in the warm caress of the water that sprayed on her neck and cascaded down over her silky skin. Being fully refreshed, Sherry stepped from the Italian marble stall and wrapped herself in the comfort of her monogrammed towel. As she slowly allowed the plushness to extract the wetness from her glistening body, she was oblivious to a sinister figure lurking within the dimly lit confines of her palatial wood lined bedroom.

The dry air felt wonderful on her nude form as Sherry sauntered toward the bed for her ceremonial repose on the intricately carved, king size four poster bed.

Sherry gasped as her body was seized and her ears caught the resonance of the attacking figure that uttered a guttural strain on impact. It all seemed to happen in the same instant and Sherry was lost in a state of comprehension as she was hurtled onto the bed in the grasp of her assailant.

Sherry grunted as she fought to repel the onslaught, but she could tell that this manly power was overmatching her feminine strength. Sherry was now beginning to grasp the gravity of the situation. The feel of this warm body pressing against hers and the smooth texture of the black satin sheets did nothing to quell her dismay of her vulnerable nude physique being assaulted against her will.

Sherry still had no idea who her attacker was as he wore a black ski mask, and she wasn't sure if she really wanted to know what he looked like. As she kept trying to break her wrists free from his powerful hands, she thought maybe she would rip the mask off if she had the chance. At least she would know for her own peace of mind and to identify him for the police. That is, if she would get the chance.

The masked intruder managed to get Sherry's arms behind her back and then sat on her firm flat belly, pinning them beneath her. She couldn't slide them out because his legs were squeezing against her sides. Sherry was now becoming exhausted and took a breather, while the mystery man above her did the same, and took the opportunity to wonder why he hadn't spoken.

"What do you want from me?" Sherry queried. But there was no response. As she gave a half-hearted attempt to free her helpless arms she asked, "Why won't you say anything?" And still a puzzling lack of response. All there was to hear was their heavy breathing. As she looked into his eyes and surveyed his denim-clad body, Sherry began to get a strange feeling like she knew this mysterious villain. Again she implored, "What are you doing?"

Sherry got her answer, at least for the immediate future, as the intruder reached in his denim jacket and pulled out a length of rope. Sherry immediately renewed her struggles as he also produced a piece of cloth and forced it into her mouth. She mumbled in protest through the cloth to no avail as the masked man wrapped the rope around her head to hold the gag firmly in place. He quickly knotted it behind her head and then hoisted her up just enough to tie the ends of the cord around her wrists. Sherry moaned as her assailant pulled the ropes tight, forcing her arms up behind her back and her head back. He must have been tired of the questioning, Sherry thought as she felt her helplessness build with the feeling of the rope claiming her lovely limbs.

The attacker got off Sherry and she quickly went to work testing her bonds and vigorously exploring escape. She was able to move her arms quite a bit from side to side and use her legs to easily roll on the glossy bedding, but she learned very quickly not to try straining her arms downward as the rope would dig into her panting mouth. Sherry noticed her assailant was now standing at the side of the bed and saw his eyes staring intently at her nude form as she struggled for freedom. That bastard was getting an eyeful and Sherry began getting quite incensed.

Sherry was starting to formulate a method of twisting her arms to the side where she would be able to get her arms out from behind her back and then she'd be nearly free. But her tormenter was obviously just toying with her, because just as Sherry got her left arm an inch from escape past her back, he was on her with another length of rope and easily forced her arm back behind. Sherry felt the rope wrap around her left biceps and get knotted. The rope then wrapped around her right biceps, the marauder pulled her elbows toward each other, and another knot sealed their fate.

Now Sherry couldn't get her arms to her sides at all, but at least she was still able to produce movement of her wrists that kept her hopes alive for escape. Sherry's hope went disappearing into the night breeze as the rope wound its way around her wrists, holding them firmly together. Now she only had the freedom of her legs, but this was also taken away as he crossed her ankles and bound them together with the last of his rope.

Now Sherry was quite helpless, squirming on the soft firmness of her mattress. Her struggles could produce very little movement now. She could only watch as her attacker walked to the corner of the room and returned with a black leather gym bag. Sherry's eyes grew wider as he pulled out handfuls of rope, eliciting the thought, "This guy is really serious about tying me up."

The masked man also produced some kind of black leather contraption with various straps and buckles. Sherry didn't know what to make of it, but she was quivering in the knowledge that she'd soon find out, and she wasn't going to like it one little bit. The mystery man thankfully untied the gag and removed it from Sherry's pouty mouth and she racked her jaw around and licked her luscious lips to recover from the intrusion. Unfortunately for her, his strong warm hands began wrapping the harness over her head. Sherry squirmed in vain as the intruder forced her mouth wide open and inserted a hard leathery part of the harness between her teeth. Sherry tried to bite down to protect her mouth, but it was far too strong. The straps that went over the top and around the sides of her head drew tight, forcing the strap under her chin to press firmly against her silken skin. Sherry's head felt completely webbed by the strong soft leather straps. She felt so much more helpless, especially with her mouth forced wide open. Sherry looked into the icy stare of her assailant as he toyed with two flat pieces of leather that were adorned with shiny silver snaps that glinted in the candle light permeating the room. He proceeded to snap one over her mouth, nearly shutting off all air passage. Sherry tried to voice her protest, but her words only came out as muffled groans. Sherry did her best to show her displeasure with her eyes, but the cold steely eyes were not to be denied. That was the last thing Sherry saw as the intruder's hands slowly lowered the leather over her eyes. Sherry's collapsing world became dark and her mind's quest for input heightened her remaining senses.

As the assailant removed his mask, Sherry exploited her new awareness. Her strains against her bonds revealed a much greater sense of the feel of the rope against her creamy flesh and the sensation of her lithe body being held firmly in a vulnerable position. What little movement she could produce allowed her a new perception of the silken sheets as her sleek skin slid against it. Her own heavy breathing was pulsating in her ears in harmony with the intruder's deep breath. Sherry could also clearly hear the sound of her skin against the sheets, and marveled that she'd never even noticed it before. But most of all, Sherry could hear her heart pounding its distress over her helplessness in this total blackness.

At this point, Sherry was also at a new height of fear, so vulnerably at the mercy of this stranger. Just as Sherry heard her magnified heartbeat pumping strongly in her chest, the warm hands of the intruder gently began tracing across the middle of her chest and around her torso, carefully avoiding her private parts. It was as if he knew her fear and sought to quell it without a word. With an incredibly deep sigh that trailed off into a gentle moan, Sherry's whole being relaxed into a much more peaceful state. Her physical self seemed to be telling her mind that her life was no longer in peril, and for that, she was very grateful.

But what was to come? What evil was lurking in the mind of this assailant who had taken away her freedom? And why won't he speak? Sherry's mind was still struggling to know.

As the hands of the intruder made their way to her waist, one left her a moment to return with another rope that it burrowed beneath her. Sherry was incredibly aware of the feel of the rope snugging around her taught athletic waist. With her newfound sensitivity, Sherry's nerve endings were tingling with life as she felt a separate rope go around the very tops of her thighs and get knotted. During the process, the skilled hands brushed past her exposed vaginal lips and the neatly trimmed light brown hair that so beautifully adorned her pussy. That sensation alone caused Sherry's heart to skip a beat as the touch sent electricity rushing throughout her pelvis and into her nude torso.

Sherry then felt a rope on the left side of her firm shapely hip that threaded under the rather loose thigh rope and up under the side of her rope belt. The hands then did the same on the other side. As the unseen mystery man cinched them tight, Sherry felt the ropes on the insides of her thighs pull in opposite directions on the sides of her pussy forcing it to open slightly.

Sherry knew at that moment that whoever this mystery man might be, he was preparing her for sex, and she wasn't going to be able to do anything to avoid the inevitable.

As Sherry squirmed in desperation, she became concerned that the strange sensation of the thigh ropes manipulating her pussy were beginning to swell her clit. "I can't possibly be getting excited at a time like this," Sherry's mind marveled. "True, I've often fantasized about being bound and taken against my will. And hadn't I even gotten off by making the very subtlest of hints to guys I'd been intimate with? So indirect in fact, that none of the guys had even taken the slightest notice ~~ and certainly had never so much as mentioned any form of forcible sexual activity."

Sherry's mind snapped back to the attention of her senses as she felt her torso being raised. Rope began caressing her chest and back as the invisible hands wrapped the cord around her body, including her upper arms, both above and below her breasts. Again tingles shot through her as the rope grazed across her nipples during the act and she was aware of the rope also winding its way over her shoulders, around her forearms and wrists, and between her breasts as well as down through the waist rope in both front and back. Sherry sensed the cordage gradually constrict her arms and chest firmly and securely. She could tell that he was making very sure that it would be impossible to dislodge any of the webbing even though he was applying the rope gentle enough that there was no sense of discomfort. After the last knot was secure, she was then laid back down on the cool silky sheet.

Sherry's wrists were now feeling a little distress with her weight on them. But again her benevolent assailant seemed to know exactly what she was feeling as she felt his strong warm hands lift her bound legs and easily drive them back toward her leather-clad head, forcing her perfect bottom to lift off the bed. This took the pressure off her corded wrists, alleviating the problem. Now Sherry's mind focused on how vulnerable she felt in this position until it was derailed to the feel of the cool satin pillow sliding between her lower back and her arms. Then as the intruder began lowering her legs, Sherry felt his warm hand teasingly grazed across her beautifully rounded butt, just missing her exposed pussy, and up the back of her long shapely thigh.

Sherry's mind was so awash with the intense new sensations that her body was experiencing, that she was barely aware of the silent figure who was now attaching ropes to the corners and sides of the bed. Just as Sherry noticed that the sounds of the rope against the wood had stopped, she felt a rope lace under each of the cinch cords on the sides of her hips. The sensation caused Sherry to press her feet against the smooth sheet as she wiggled her hips in a vain attempt to prevent their attachment to the bed. Alas she could barely move side to side and when meeting the resistance of the cords, her pussy was forced open by the thigh rope.

Next Sherry felt ropes go through each side of her chest harness. As the phantom pulled the ropes tight, Sherry again planted her feet and tried to move toward and away from the headboard, but she couldn't budge because he had tied her harness to both the head and foot posts of the bed. So she tried to raise her magnificent chest but she was now firmly glued to the mattress. Sherry could now only flail her legs in desperation, and they were soon subdued by the villain's legs as he manipulated them so could bind her ankles snugly down to each of her thighs. The ropes relentlessly took their place, claiming her legs in their fully bent arrangement. Sherry hoped for a miraculous change of heart in the intruder as she felt the original ankle bindings release their grasp.

Alas, it was only wishful thinking and Sherry gasped through the fragrant leather gag as the relentless invader's large warm hands hoisted and spread her bound legs, completely exposing her most intimate region. Sherry moaned at the total feeling of vulnerability and the stimulation of the air caressing her unveiled womanhood that was cast open fully by the tension on the thigh ropes that went taught as her pelvis was again forced skyward. What little lateral freedom Sherry's hips enjoyed had now evaporated. The intruder then ran a rope from the head post around the outside rope that was holding her ankle to her thigh, knotted it to prevent Sherry's leg from dropping and then tied it to the side of the bed. After her other leg suffered the same fate, she was irrevocably spread wide open. Sherry mind struggled to fully grasp the overwhelming avalanche of sensual impulses that her body was sending her while still attempting to process all of her uncertainty and the gravity of the situation. As her mind raced and her body writhed against the unforgiving ropes, the hands of her fate tethered her knees to the sides of the bed ensuring that Sherry was completely helpless and totally available.

It seemed like forever as Sherry could only lie there on her back, arms bound behind her back, legs spread wide open with her stunning pussy and breasts completely exposed to the kiss of the night air and the voracious eyes of the intruder. Sherry could do nothing but listen to the sound of his clothes sliding over his body as he stripped completely. In her sightless world, she could only imagine what his nude body looked like.

After a silent moment that lasted a lifetime, Sherry's breathing stopped short and her heart jumped as a warm finger tracing across her shoulder was the first indication that the intruder was still very much in her presence. But very soon Sherry let out a huge sigh as her body again told her that it was the touch of someone who was intent on pleasure and not pain. Sherry continued to wrestle with her thoughts. She was feeling so concerned about the intrusion, her vulnerability, and fears; yet she also kept remembering her bondage fantasies and couldn't deny her body's excitement.

One finger became two, two became four, and eventually both of the warm hands were gently caressing all over Sherry's pristine magnificence. They would occasionally pause to fondle the ropes that so fully restrained Sherry's every effort at movement, only to relentlessly continue on in their exploration of her stunning physique. No area was spared their electric touch and soon Sherry found that her repressed tingles of excitement had been transformed into an unbridled cascade of arousal that seemed to rush throughout every inch of her body, ultimately terminating in waves of electricity that were relentlessly escalating her pussy's arousal.

Sherry couldn't prevent leather muffled moans from exposing her excitement. But it didn't matter because the intruder already knew by the gyrations of Sherry's extraordinary body that preceded the obvious glistening of her flowing juices that were so available for view.

She wasn't sure why, but a thought of Bill flashed into Sherry's mind. Maybe it was because he was the best lover she'd ever had and it was not uncommon for her to fantasize about him. But Sherry's thoughts were quickly back on the reality of her current situation and the incredible intensity of her senses that inundated her mind and pounded in her ears as her eyes struggled to see anything but the crushing blackness.

Sherry shuddered as a tongue dabbed at the wetness of her clitoris. After a momentary pause, it returned; this time to caress the edge of her labia. Soon it was darting at will all around her slippery opening while fingers gently teased her nipples to full erection. There was no longer any ability to acknowledge trepidation as Sherry's entire consciousness was consumed with the incredible ecstasy that the intruder for forcing her to accept. Sherry was now writhing uncontrollably as the unseen forces drove her into a frenzy. Her mind was teeming with unbelievably wonderful sensations when Sherry was shocked into the realization that the silent intruder had to be Bill!

It quickly became crystal clear and her mind was alive at the revelation. How could she not have known it sooner? And of course that's why he hadn't spoken a word; he couldn't, or he gives himself away. The tongue was what really iced it. Sherry had spent all those wonderful nights reveling in stupendous climaxes courtesy of Bill's incredible tongue. Nobody ever came close to equaling his ability to satisfy her. Another revelation hit Sherry. Could it be that Bill had picked up on those couple of exceedingly subtle hints slipped into conversation? No, how could he, and not even bat an eyelash?

The true depth of Bill's ability to perceive Sherry's every desire and need became clear as he finally spoke and allowed his voice to gently shatter the silence.

"I hope the reality compares favorably with your fantasies, Sherry," Bill said with his soft gentle manner that had previously convinced her that he was far too kind-hearted to be the man to make her bondage fantasies come true. But it was true.

Sherry was stunned, and it took a full minute for her to take it all in. And then she nearly blew the leather right off her mouth. Bill pulled off the blindfold and Sherry was met with a gentle, knowing smile and then as his smile grew slightly amused with anticipation, he put a finger to his lips to discourage her outburst of emotional relief, and pulled off the gag.

"You son of a bitch!" Sherry burst out with all the reservation she could muster. "You took ten years off my life!" Her words and irrepressible smile increased Bill's grin until he was beaming.

Their eyes then spoke volumes as they silently took their relationship to the next level.

It was now Sherry's turn to break the silence. "You know I can't stand a guy that doesn't finish what he starts."

Without saying another word, Bill slapped the blindfold and gag back on, and proceeded to do just that.




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