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Karlie Karlie
Performance Review - Boss-lady Jewell Marceau gets back what she gives! Tread Lightly - Joelean & Reno are still working out the kinks in their relationship!

Lana Blake and The TankThe Full-Body Workout - Lana and her boyfriend "The Tank" did this roleplay.  They pretended to meet each other for the first time in front of a local gym.  She goes home with him and... uh oh!

Lorelei & JonSecret Agent Man - This is one of the first force-fantasy shoots I did, and I got to play the 'victim'.  It was a fairly simple sequence -- the mystery man grabs me, hand-over-mouth, ties me, carries me elsewhere, down-dresses me a little, and threatens me...  Not much to it, but I like the pictures a lot.  Sometimes I just find it very romantic to look at photos of my boyfriend tying me up.
Harley RaineOne Chair ~ Harley Raine & Guy DeSilva did this roleplay about long-term captivity & ravishment. Harley looked really cute chained to the commode. She has a very expressive face. Lana Blake, secretary in distressLennie's Crush - Look at the bulk of this guy!  No wonder he's called "The Tank".  In this roleplay, a male admirer means well, but gets shot down by haughty secretary Lana Blake.  Then things go horribly wrong.  (Or right, depending on your fantasy orientation.)

The Bride's Ex-Boyfriend - This is an easy roleplay to do because most women keep their wedding gowns for a while.  Having her boyfriend be a 'biker type' gave us an excuse to try using handcuffs and leather restraints.  The best thing about this photo-set is Lillith's facial expressions.  She's very emotive.
Roughed-Up Roadworker - Joelean & Reno are new to our site, and what a find. Lately we're having trouble finding couples to do these photoshoots. Not because few couples roleplay like this, but most gals' boyfriends don't want to undress in front of a camera! (The guys who are accustomed to undressing -- porn stars -- tell me they don't want to do these shoots because we don't photograph real penetration!) Anyway J&R here loved the work, did a lot of giggling, Joelean had a difficult time looking worried because she was enjoying being manhandled... but we still managed to get some wonderful fantasy photos of them together. What a great couple! Thrift Store Predator ~ Beautiful Jewell Marceau called me up and specifically wanted to roleplay with Guy DeSilva... who could refuse her?  Here, they act out a confrontation between a shopper and a creep.
Hose Bound - Harley and Guy act out a roleplay with hose-bondage.

Office Politics ~ Joelean and Reno are back at FF for another photo session.  In real life these two love to work out together; in this roleplay they pretend they can't work together :)

Lillith & her boyfriendLillith & her boyfriendArchive Photosets - When I first started trying to photograph my fantasies, I was lucky to find friends (and their boyfriends) who were interested in helping me start this site. Models include  Lillith White and others.
Lena & MikeLena Ramon - roleplaying "forced harem virgin" with her boyfriend MikeArchive Photosets - I still have most of the earliest photosets up, for folks to see how I started out... they're interesting to compare to current photosets, to see how over time I've discarded my inhibitions as a photographer. Models include Lena Ramon and others.
Outtakes & Bloopers - Every time I ask a couple to act out a force roleplay, the lady winds up doing a lot of giggling or goofing around!
 Site owner Lorelei, with boyfriend Jon OUTTAKE - wet willie!        Lillith & her boyfriend Jon Woods & Lorelei OUTTAKE - Lillith can't stop smiling
Outtakes & Bloopers - We have a lot of fun at our shoots.  Here are some outtakes; there are lots more in the member area.
Lorelei and Jon having fun with the force roleplay
Outtake with Lorelei and her boyfriend Jon
OUTTAKE - no laughing, Lana! Outtake - Lena & Mike Lillith and her boyfriend share a laugh





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