My boyfriend Jon ties me up for a roleplay - and Richard made us an 18-page photo-comic too!  Click here to see a sample!

Welcome to my Force Fantasies

Lorelei, Ikaras and Jon Woods - photo by Richard ReynoldsHi!  My name is Lorelei and this is my website for sharing  force fantasies and photos.  The pics on this page are of me and my boyfriend Jon.

What I do for this website is, I ask friends and models if they'd like to act out force fantasies in front of a camera.  The women who are interested ask their boyfriend to pose with them.  At the photo session, I outline a fantasy and the couple acts out the roleplay while I take pictures.

Lorelei and Jon Woods in force fantasy roleplay - photograph by Richard ReynoldsI've found that the act of sharing intimate fantasies with other people, particularly couples I know socially, is very liberating.  I've learned more about my sexual preferences and fetishes than I knew previously, everyone has fun doing these projects with me, and I feel more self-acceptance each time I share my roleplays with a new couple and find that they understand and relate to my fantasies.

Lorelei and her boyfriend Jon Woods - photo by Chase BroccoSo thank you for coming here; enjoy looking at my pics and sharing the dream!

Lorelei & boyfriend Jon WoodsSTART THE FREE TOUR!

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Lorelei & boyfriend Jon Woods, photo'd by Richard Reynolds Jon & Lorelei in a ritual roleplay - photo by Richard Reynolds

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