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Here are some starter shots from my roleplay photo-sets.  Each member set generally has a tie-up, fondling & manhandling, loss of clothing, and simulated sex.





Maid tied with Phone Cord - Darling & Travis roleplay that they're at odds over whether to have sex  :)

Lurker - Darla & Guy roleplay a scene where a guy in a car grabs a gorgeous woman walking by.
Dorothy Laine & Tim WoodmanModeling Gig Gone Bad - Dorothy Laine roleplays with her boyfriend Tim Woodman that they're a model & photographer.  Which is really cute because that's who they are in real life.  :)

Dorothy Laine ravished by Evan StoneDorothy & The Highwayman - A member wrote and told me he loved romance-novel style ravishment, and he included a poem about a Highwayman.  It went well with this role-play photo set.

Darla Crane and Billy Glide - force roleplaySecurity Guard Darla Crane - Darla looked adorable in her security costume, and the handcuffs came in handy for the roleplay!  Billy played the part of the burglar who breaks into a furniture store and takes advantage of Darla. Darla Crane and the escaped convictDarla Crane & the Escaped Convict - Our favorite redhead brought Rich with her to this shoot and they roleplayed very well together.

Darling & BlazeThe Waitress & the Chef - Darling & her boyfriend Blaze roleplay a force fantasy about argumentative co-workers.  Darling has really dramatic expressions, and these two are experienced in conflict roleplay, so they always do great stuff for force pictures.

Blaze and Darling - force roleplayThe Independent Auditor - Darling and her boyfriend Blaze roleplay this office tale about a shift clerk getting audited by a sharp lady with big breasts.

Darla Crane & Billy GlideBoss-Lady Lay - Darla Crane & Billy Glide acted out this roleplay about a lazy clerk and his critical lady boss.  Darla even brought along a pretty pink sweater and suggested that we cut it up for the photo-story!

Van Snatch - Darling is grabbed, tied and dragged into the back of a van by Travis Masterson... the better to access her great tits :)
Caveman - Darla hand-made a leopard-print bikini and wanted to use it for roleplay pics with Rich Handsome.  This is a fun "cartoon cavewoman" set showing off her sexy figure. Boss Lady Returns - Darla Crane raises the ire of yet another employee.  Roleplayed with Guy DeSilva, a friend of hers from way back when.  :)
Darla Crane with Guy DeSilva - nurse unconscious, then in bondageNurse Darla's New Patient - When Darla comes to, she discovers that she's been strapped knees-open to a wheelchair. The roleplay includes her naughty patient using a big muscle-massager to make her orgasm against her will. French Maid Gloria Reyes' force fantasy roleplay with Evan StoneMaid's Maidenhead - This was Gloria's first time doing a force roleplay, and I was gratified to see how much fun she had!  I had to keep reminding her to try to look serious for the camera.  But in the Blooper section you'll see that a lot of the time she was smiling anyway.

Dorothy Laine gets medical attention from Tim Woodman and Diss OrderlyFull Physical - I love the idea of medical men gone bad!  This roleplay was fun to shoot, and Dorothy was very good at making soulful expressions as the guys had their ways with her.  (All simulated of course... giggle!)

Darla's Dream Date - I was ecstatic that Darla Crane was interested in acting out a force fantasy!  Generally I only shoot couples, but since Darla didn't have a boyfriend at the time, she teamed up with Evan for this project.  Evan's a natural villain; he used his necktie to secure Darla's wrists behind her back.

Darla Crane and her masherLady Professor's Peril - The second time I asked Darla Crane over to do force roleplay photos, she brought this fella with her.  Darla and Guy get along really well, so the day brought not only some really hot pictures, but also a lot of laughter and hilarity.  For this fantasy, Guy played the part of a grad student who loses control because his professor is such a beautiful babe.

Darling and Blaze's force roleplayDarling's Talk Therapy - Darling and her boyfriend Blaze act out a roleplay in which she's the therapist and he's the enamored patient.  Spending a day with this couple was fun.  Even though he was naturally funny and she giggled a lot between shots, all the roleplay photos look perfectly serious and dramatic!

OUTTAKE - one finger down, 3 to go! Gloria & EvanOUTTAKE: flash!!! Darla & GuyOuttakes & Bloopers - Every time I ask a couple to act out a force roleplay, they wind up doing a lot of laughing and having fun too! Here are some outtakes; there are lots more in the member area.

Please Don't Do This - Darling & Ikaras roleplay four different bondages focusing on breast fondling.  Darling's really into dramatic expressions and she definitely got into that on this day.

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Archive Photosets - I still have the earliest photosets up. They're interesting to compare to current photosets, to see how over time I've discarded my inhibitions as a photographer. Models include Dorothy Laine, Gina Rome and others.
Dorothy & Tim Gina & ClaudioGina & ClaudioGoldie Blair in handcuffs (aka Damsel X)



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