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Fantasies - Darling & Blaze"I have always had fantasies about being forced to have sex,
but I don't like the idea of it being real." ~ Vicky

"My strongest fantasies are based on anything to do with female helplessness." ~ Stuart

"I'm a Belgian woman, 30, and I have a lot of fantasies about being sexually forced." ~ Petra

"I enjoy thinking about ravishing a woman (only as a fantasy)." ~ HB

"My wife and I have enjoyed force fantasies for years." ~ Steven, 28

"I am a 38 year old woman, and I enjoy erotic forced fantasies." ~ Remy

"I've had forced fantasies for years,
but never anyone to share them with." ~ Chris

"I enjoy bondage and forced fantasy stories." ~ Patty

"I love to hear about FANTASIES of force. Not for real." ~ Jake

"I am a fan of forced fantasies." ~ BlueBelle

"I am a male, 32 years old, I have enjoyed forced fantasies for a long time now." ~ Brian

"My wife and I are into force fantasies." ~ Batman, 31

"I saw the web site and I also have many fantasies on being tied up and handled roughly." ~ Jane, 35

"I'm an elderly adult with life long interest in force fantasy." ~ Domin

"I am a 47 year old married man, and I have always been interested in this." ~ Billy

"I've enjoyed the fantasy of kidnap since I was in my early twenties, but always thought that I was the only one, and felt embarassed by it." ~ Jenny, 32

"I am a single 42 year woman, I have had an interest in force fantasy for years." ~ Kate

"I am married.  I have had a fantasy for a long time about getting forced into sex.  I get turned on just thinking about it." ~ Julie, 45

"I am into roleplaying and fantasize of being taken forcefully." ~ Anne, 19

"I have always been drawn to these types of fantasies." ~ Parrish, 45

"Hi, I'm a 20 year old female in New York.  Being controlled has always been a fantasy of mine." ~ Erika

"I often entertain thoughts of forced fantasies." ~ Lady Devon, 42

"I am a 41 year old woman. My sexual fantasies have always been about being forced against my will." ~  Bonnie

"I am very fascinated with force play fantasies." ~ sydwykyd

"Beginning to explore these fantasies for the first time and I find it extremely exciting and erotic and my girlfriend is really into it also." ~ James, 54

"I enjoy fantasies about force encounters and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one." ~ Dylan

"I love roleplay and fantasies...especially force!"~ Glamour Girl, 30

"I like forced-sex fantasy - and women I respect like them too!" ~ Chas, 59

"I enjoy fantasing about being forced to do things." ~ Patricia, 33

"I like forced fantasies and often use them in my novels." ~ Joseph, 29

"I am a 28 year old woman from India. In a conservative society, I have to live my life vicariously and through fantasy." ~ Shormila

"I love historic romances, especially when the women are taken by force." ~ AussieHair, 26

"Love the fact that there is a place to go to talk to people that have the same likes and understand the 'fantasy world'." ~ Magmer, 31

"My wife and I are experimenting with her fantasies of forced sex." ~ Jackson

"I have a lot of forced sex fantasies and really enjoy reading or hearing others' fantasies as well." ~ MJP

"I am the type of person who is reserved and fantasize about being made to do things that I normally wouldn't." ~ F.D.

"I am a 40 year old Canadian who has always had force fantasies, & recently realized that I am a submissive who craves domination, control and force." ~ CherDanielle

"Making love to tied women forcefully has always been my fantasy." ~ Deep

"My name is Angela.  I am 26 years old.  I have always been secretly turned on with forced sex fantasy, though no one knows -- not even my fiancee."

"I have always enjoyed force fantasies and am looking for a way to spice up my marriage." ~ Ztarky

"My wife and I love this fantasy." ~ Mike, 27

"Not into violent force fantasies but mature force fantasies." ~ Dylan

"I have always fantasized of forced sex scenes." ~ Kris, 19

"I am a 21 year old male whose has force fantasies.I never disclose it to anyone but I do." ~ Jay, 21

"I've fantasized about being dominated and forced for as long as I can remember." ~ Weeping Willow, 28

"Turned on but very shy about this." ~ Kelloggs, 46

"I have always been interseted in the forced fantasy element of sex." ~ DreamerStars, 20

"I have long been a fan of force sex fantasy." ~ Serena, 34

"The majority of my adult fantasies have always included a level of loss of control." ~ April, 26

"I have always had an interest in bondage and force fantasies and to my dismay, just force.
I've had a lot of guilt and confusion about this and want to understand more.
To see what others are like." ~ Joseph

"This is a hidden fantasy of mine." ~ Curious Justine, 30

"Hi - subbie girl, just starting out in BDSM and this is one of my fantasies too!" ~ Sera, 33

"I have fantasies of abduction and bondage." ~ Terry, 45

"I'm a big fan of bedroom bondage and forced fantasy." ~ Joe, 35

"I enjoy the fantasy of taking a woman by force.
At first, she is resistant, but then she gets hornier and more sexually willing.
Remember, it is only a FANTASY." ~ ssgille

"One of my biggest fantasies is being forced to perform sexual acts." ~ Mia

"I understand this is fantasy, and have no wish to emulate, but do find it sexy." ~ BMack

"I'm an open-minded person who understands that this is just fantasy not reality." ~ Cara, 25

"I have always fantasized of forced sex scenes." ~ Kris, 19

"I am against any kind of force in real life,
but the fantasies can be both informative and entertaining." ~ DJ

"I've always had fantasies such as this." ~ Julie

"I am extremely interested in fantasies and role play." ~ AsiaTraveler

"I have had force fantasies ever since I can remember."~ Perspexual

"25 years old from the U.K., with girlfriend, very much into the force fantasy." ~ Sweeny

"I have always loved forced fantasies.
I love tying my girlfriend up and playing different roles." ~ TallGuy64

"I am a 56 year old male, and have always been interested in forced fantasies." ~ Buckeye

"I like the whole idea of being abducted and surrendering control in a fantasy situation." ~ MinxyDutchie

"I am a 33 year old married male involved in a relationship where BDSM is practiced.
My wife has had this fantasy for some time. I'm looking for advice and ideas." ~ James

"I have wonderful fantasies about being taken by an incredible sexy man against my will." ~ Belly Dancer, 28

"I day-dream that a strong man enters my office, forces me to suck his cock,
then being pulled over my desk, being spanked over my panties before he uses me." ~ Yo

"I have a strong liking for forced fantasies." ~ WantonMe

"Always been fascinated with forced sex. Totally love reading romance books when the women are kidnapped, especially the historic ones." ~ Aussie, 26

"My spouse has approached me about this type of fantasy.
I hope this will help improve our sex life." ~ bobbye