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I received this interesting letter from a visitor.  I contacted her for permission to put it on this site for others to see.  ~ Lorelei

 A typical force fantasy - roleplayed by Dorothy Laine with Evan StoneSara's Fantasies

I've decided to write because you are already some sort of heroine to me. And because I cannot think of anyone else I could write these things to. 

I recently subscribed to your Force Fantasies website. I saved most of the photo sessions already, but have only looked at very few of them. You see, that website is like a big box of rare chocolates to me; I don't want to devour it all at once, I want to have a bit of sweetness for many days to come. Especially because I don't know if there is any more chocolate out there. 

I'm a 30 year old woman, married, living in Seattle, working in Advertising, pretty "normal". My main fantasy in life has to do with your site's theme, since I was a child. Obviously it hadn't been sexual back then - and many times, it still isn't. It's a psychological need of some sort, deeply rooted in me - I don't understand it, but I embrace it. 

Sometimes, my heroine – a total klutz who is afraid of her own shadow - is the only person able to save the day, so she must face her demons (including the sexy male) and do things she wouldn't normally do, to achieve it. (Think “adventure movie” here.) She wins at the end, her "goodness" being her main weapon. (Sometimes there is a sword fight involved, but I can never picture her being any good at it!) And sometimes she hopelessly falls in love with the bad guy… unfortunately he is the love of her life, but he is evil, and her morals will not allow her to have him. 

And sometimes the villain is also the hero, all in one package. He puts the heroine in danger, things complicate, others get involved (worst people), and now he needs to rescue her, maybe even work together towards a common goal.

These are my fantasies in a nutshell. It's been hard to find many works of fiction that reflect them. In movies, books, etc, girls are too strong. Even within the porn/erotica realm, it's not easy. Not that I have looked too hard; I haven't given my sexuality the attention it deserves. SMBD comes the closest to it, I enjoy some elements of it, but hate others. Degradation, humiliation, pain, punishment, etc, don't rock my boat.

More recently I rented a couple of videos from Anton Productions, dealing with the Damsel in Distress fantasy. Yes!!! I was beyond thrilled to FINALLY find something closer to my daydreams. Ruggedly handsome burglars invading a house, terrorizing the pretty women, tying them up, touching them and threatening them… (The treat words were honey to my ears!) The women struggling (instead of submitting), actual fear showing in their eyes and in their attitude…. YES!!! So psychologically satisfying! Unfortunately, the fun was cut short - there was no sex in it. (Why???) That ruined the following movies for me, because I knew that the nice man would come, give the girl a massage, and leave. (But I see why it works for some.)

Now I'm soooo happy to have found your website! (Which I did after reading one interview with you.) More than having new material to feed my soul, it makes me happy to see you guys acting out your fantasies. It makes me a little envious (in a good way) to know that you enjoy role-playing, but instead of just thinking about it, you bring it to your real life: finding a partner that enjoys it too, gathering a group of people that enjoy the same, coordinating photo shoots, putting a website out there, not being afraid/shy to share your fantasies with the world... That's why I said you are my hero! 

Me, I started my sex life very late (at 20), had a pretty normal, kink-free experience for about 3-4 years, and pretty much ended my sex life by getting married. Not only my husband and I rarely have sex, our fantasies & turn-ons couldn't be more different. (I won't get into details.) So I feel that anything sexual is pretty much over for me, I'll never get to experience some of the oh-so-fun stuff you have, but at least I can read about/see pics/videos of others' experiences, and that keeps me going.

Lorelei, if you've read up to here, thank you! If not, I can't blame you... In any case, I like to think you have, as I really wanted to share with a like-minded woman. And to let you know that you are admired, and your work/example is much appreciated.

My best wishes go for you!


girlindanger00-needsrescuing (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br