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Force Roleplay - Anastasia and Liam"I feel an incredible exciting freedom in acting out forced fantasy play scenarios with hubby - we both consider our roleplay adult recess!" ~ Angel

"I am very much into the force fantasy roleplay scene." ~ BazeBaller

"My wife and I enjoy playing role games.
And we like seeing what others are doing." ~ John

"I love forceplay." ~ Sandy

"I enjoy this aspect of erotic play." ~ Jerry, 53

"I have a long-time interest in loving and roleplay bondage;
have been involved for 7 plus years." ~ DoubleForDarcy

"I am a submissive woman. I enjoy force roleplay." ~ Ambarene

"I enjoy role play and force sex fantasy play and BDSM." ~ Mr. Swingers

"To have a willing partner in these fantasies is one of the most erotic things two consenting adults can do." ~ Bernie

"I like to roleplay and have wonderful fantasies of being forced into enjoying the sexual act." ~ Tobi, 49

"I've had a long interest in force fantasy and my wife and I love to roleplay." ~ Mac

"I am a 24 year old male with an interest in forced sex role playing." ~ Photoresist, 25

"Love roleplaying." ~ Dennis, 48

"I enjoy bondage and roleplay." ~ Pdmurf, 36

"I really love and enjoy the fantasies of forced sex role play. I have been married for 30 years and we enjoy role playing." ~ Porkchop

"I like roleplay in bondage." ~ Wally, 51

"I love to play forced fantasy sex." ~ WB

"I like pleasuring a woman to orgasm while she is unable to reciprocate." ~ Androth, 45

"Looking for play ideas for my wife and I." ~ Stamp, 41

"I live in Texas and my wife and I enjoy role play." ~ Walk, 37

"My partner wants to get into this sort of play, and it's difficult for me to get over certain hangups." ~ Toybag, 20

"I am interested in forced fantasies - I have long wanted to explore this, but have only recently found out that there are others out there like me and I'm not unusual in wanting to play this way." ~ WickedOne

"My first wife introduced me to this sort of erotic roleplay and I have been seeking likeminded ever since." ~ NTN, 39

"My wife and I have a very active sex life and enjoy roleplaying a great deal." ~ Monlaw

"I'm just an individual who's interested in something a little different, and wishing she could get her husband into it, too..." ~ Misty

"I am a 52 year old married man. I have always loved force fantasies. I hate real violence but am very turned on by the idea of roleplay." ~ Mark

"I first started out reading these kind of stories but the more I read, the more interested I got. Eventually I did a little roleplaying on the computer with my friends and I enjoyed it." ~ Tammy, 19

"I am a woman who enjoys these fantasies and role playing with my husband." ~ Poohbear, 30

"My fiance and I have always got a particular thrill from playing at gentle restraint and force, we feel that joining your group* may well bring even more ideas and exitement to our roleplay." ~ L.Perry

"My girlfriend and I like roleplaying together and have recently started enjoying the website together." ~ Cradsr, 24

"I have always been interested in forced sex role play. I did it once with a girlfriend and I've loved it ever since." ~ Scoutsweep, 28

"My wife and I love to roleplay and these pictures help to add spice to our marriage." ~ T.B., 40

"Interested in erotic roleplay and fantasy." ~ Carol, 38

"I'm a huge fan of roleplay." ~ Van

"My name is Amanda. I am 24 years of age and very interested in force and bondage. I love to read stories and I love to be tied up. It feels so good to be controlled."

"I do not like violence but a little force and lots of loving bondage go a long way. my wife and I occasionally role play and I get to practice a little bondage but mostly it is fantasy." ~ Hcmd, 54

"Me and my girlfriend would like to try a few force fantasies." ~ Jeffrey

"I love forced fantasies, both watching others and acting them out myself." ~ Mawgy, 20

"I am very interested in role playing at this point in my life." ~ MRaymond

"I love this kind of playing." ~ Erotique, 38

"I'm very much into force fantasies and ropeplay." ~ RopePlaymate

"My wife and have been doing b/d photos and forced play for a long time." ~ GirdleLover, 58

"My wife and I would like to get ideas for our own role play." ~ MichelMas

"I'm a longtime fan of role playing." ~ Jef

"Forced roleplay is my favorite." ~ Kansas, 37

"My husband and I often roleplay... just looking to get some new ideas..." ~ Snapper, 40

"I would never want to actually hurt anyone, but I'm totally interested in fsrp." ~ IntoFun, 40

"I'm a 48 year old male whose girlfriend is into being forced. She likes being taken unawares, clothes ripped off... Looking for ideas to help her realize her dreams." ~ DisMn

"I am very interested in forced role play. My girlfriend is also curious." ~ Loklo, 33

"I love bondage fantasy role playing. Between consenting adults, a fantasy can liberating." ~ Holidaze Doc, 37

"I like the excitement of seeing women and men act out different roles. Both my wife and I enjoy it. It makes our love life more exciting." ~ Sully, 57

"I am 21 and very interested in role play." ~ Rich

"I crave bdsm and related play such as force play." ~ Sir Oglaigh, 42

"My wife and I love to play tie me up and spank me games. She now is showing an interest in abduction games." ~ Skip

"My wife and I are huge fans of role play scenarios." ~ Cspanks, 43

"Love to roleplay." ~ William, 33

"Force fantasy is a very sensual way to do things." ~ Tony

"My wife and I are just now getting into role playing in our personal life and are looking for interesting ideas to expand our fantasies." ~ Talguy

"I am 46 years old, and I have become a fan of bondage and forced role play over the years.
I do not condone r***, but the fantasy excites me greatly." ~ Linda

"My girlfriend and I are quite interested in role-play." ~ JViper

"My wife and I both enjoy light force play." ~ Kurtis

"My age is 46 and married. My wife and I enjoy role play." ~ Brian

"I like bondage sex." ~ yzabc

"I am very much into forced sex roleplay but have not actually partaken in it.
I do fantasize about it a lot though." ~ Butchsnow

"I love simulated forced sex." ~ SexyHawk, 18

"My wife and I enjoy force fantasies because of the role playing ideas it provides." ~ Banzai, 42

"I have always been interested in this lifestyle - want new ideas and roleplaying." ~ NPJohn

"I love roleplay bondage; it is one of my favourite things in the world." ~ Robert, 18

"My husband and I engage in forced roleplay." ~ Princess Overload, 36

"I am a 39 year old male living in the UK, into kidnap and force roleplay." ~ Rob

"Hi! My girlfriend and me love to play love bondage games and we hope to get new inspirations." ~ Tapped, 35

"I really enjoy stories and pictures of fantasy forced sex and bondage in role playing. My wife and I are always role playing and love new ideas." ~ Porkchop, 48

"My wife and I love to role play and think this might provide some inspiration for new games." ~ Booga

"I am looking for new and interesting themes/ideas. Interested in the concept of role-playing to enhance my sex life." ~ Ednw

"My wife and I enjoy playing role games. And we like seeing what others are doing." ~ John

"I have been married for 33 years, and find roleplaying an excellent way to put spice in one's sex life." ~ Huseebo, 51

"My wife and I both have fantasies about forced sex and at times like to role play." ~ Cowboy

"My girlfriend and I took a bondage class at Good Vibrations in Berkeley and loved it.
I like to tie her up and have my way with her.  She likes to be 'made' to do things..." ~ Sprung_One




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