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Fiction & Fantasies

Force fantasies focus on many different details, depending on who's doing the fantasizing.  Some people are excited by resistance role-playing, others by bondage, sex-wrestling, pain compliance, biting, clothes-ripping... you name it!

I'm perpetually surprised by the variety of fiction.  Here are some original stories that I hope will interest you as much as they interested me...!



The Groom's Revenge
By Eroticus

The Gardener
By Kain


Seek to Conquer
Written & illustrated by Kat

Written & illustrated by Kat



Savage Rerun
By Woody Hardman

The Silent Intruder
By Bound Bill


The Tale, Twisted
By Cathryn Beaumont


These stories are exclusive to this site and are not available for reposting or publishing elsewhere.



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